200DU Double Station Notching Unit

This two station unit will accept 200DUA assemblies for notching ends of tubing where the radius notch can cut the side walls of the tube at the angle of fit-up required. Unit will accept tube up to 2" OD x .125" wall. A spring loaded, spanker style unit manufactured of hardened steel will provide many years of maintenance-free service. For use in mechanical presses or hydraulic presses we offer (See Press Section for available options). 

200DUA Double Unit Assembly

These two station assemblies designed for generally notching one angle (RE: 30º - 90º between) are manufactured of hardened steel with removable punches and die sections for ease of sharpening. General applications require one press stroke both stations to complete each notched tube end.


  • Applications requiring multiple angles of fit-up may be possible in adjustable assemblies, saving on tooling cost.
  • Optional gauging for orientation of notch on opposite tube end can be provided.