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The process of cutting to length tubing with a blade style die has been referred to as stab cut, nick & shear, single blade, dual blade, guillotine and many others. In this section we will illustrate the many types of blade style dies & equipment we offer.

We will illustrate options for low volume applications using manual feed to stop dies mounted in an existing punch press or INNOVO hydraulic press, to high volume applications using systems with bundle loaders, pre-feeds, hydraulic press, cut-off die, and runout/ dump tables for continuous automatic cutting of your tubing.

We will illustrate single blade dies used for cutting square tubing dimple-free along with dual blade dies used for cutting of round tubing, dimple-free for secondary applications.

Custom applications for trimming to length single or both ends of pre-bent or end formed parts along with dies to cut pre-bent tubes into two pieces and more are illustrated in this section.

Dual Blade Cut-Off Chart

Dual Blade Cut-Off Chart