H150TN Hydraulic Tru-Notch Unit

This single station, two step hydraulic activated unit will accept 150TNI inserts for notching a single tube end per machine cycle.  The unit will produce the radius notch and can cut the side walls of the tube at the angle of fit-up required.  Unit will accept tubing up to 1-1/2” OD x .125” wall.  The unique design allows for tooling to notch one tube wall and then allowing a second punch to move into place completing the finished notched tube end.


  • 1-1/2" diameter x .125" wall mild steel capacity
  • Operator will manually load tube into Tru-Notch head
  • Unit will trim one tube end complete per system cycle
  • Unit foot print approximately 36" x 40" 
  • Includes part spray lubrication unit
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • 460 VAC , 3 phase, 60Hz, 30 amp main control power required
  • Hydraulic power unit with a 5 - 7.5 HP motor, 20 - 30 gallon reservoir, 2500 PSI system & air cooled heat exchanger
  • Pneumatic requirements, 80 PSI at 3 CFM
  • Dual palm button activated
  • Includes operational manual
  • Approximate machine cycle rate of 2 to 3 seconds

150TNI Inserts

These inserts are generally designed for notching one angle (RE: 30 - 90 between) and are manufactured of hardened tool steel for ease of sharpening. Each tool set includes two punches and one die section as required for the application.


  • Special units are available for notching two tubes or one tube in a single unit at the same time.
  • Optional gauging can be provided for orientation from opposite tube end.