H237DN2-D Automatic Load, Two Tool Hydraulic Double End Notching System

This fully automatic system will accept our 237DNI inserts for notching tubing or pipe up to 2” Standard (2-3/8” OD X .154” wall).  A hopper fed system, will notch both walls of both tube ends of two tubes each cycle.  Along with standard 90º radius notches, custom configurations are possible. 

An operator will load a bundle of tubes into the hopper holding approximately 250 tubes.  The tubes are then fed into a magazine for loading into the clamp station.  Once in location the tubes are clamped in position, the notching heads are shuttled in and then the notching heads cycle simultaneously completing the notching operation.  Upon completion of this cycle, the tubes are unclamped and discharged onto an inclined run off ramp.  Customer is responsible for means of collecting notched tubes from ramp.

H237DN2-D Two Tube Double End Notching Machine Designed and Built By INNOVO Corp.


  • 2” Standard pipe (2-3/8” OD x .154” wall) capacity
  • 12" minimum to (consult factory) maximum part length capacity
  • Automatic load/unload
  • Hopper conveyor holding approximately 250 tubes
  • Magazine holding approximately 15 tubes
  • Transfer & clamping assembly of tubes is notching station
  • Slide assemblies for moving both notching heads in and out
  • Two H237DN2 hydraulic notch heads
  • Spray mist part lubrication system
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 30-60 amp main control power required
  • Two hydraulic power units each with a 10 HP motor, 60 gallon reservoir, 2500 PSI systems & air cooled heat exchanger
  • Pneumatic requirements, 80 PSI at 3 CFM
  • Operation's manual
  • Approximate machine rate of 2400 tubes per hour



237DNI Double Notch Inserts

These inserts are manufactured to the specific application notching both walls of a single tube end per press stroke. Cutting members are manufactured of hardened D-2 tool steel for maximum tool life and are easily removed for sharpening purposes. Includes air blast to assist slug removal, where applicable. Unique tool design utilizes fixed positioning of inserts minimizing tool changeover time.

Inserts can be manufactured for conventional notching of tubes to fit another tube of equal or different diameter for 90° joints. Can also be used to produce slots, v-notches, and many other configurations on tube ends within the capacity of the unit.

D237DN Chart.jpg